KS Group offers a full range of the highest quality ventilation engineering services. We have more than 20 years of experience in this and other fields and we still serve many facilities in Georgia. Contact our team for more information!

We offer the following services

• Inspection & assessment of existing equipment.
• Installation of filter housings through design specification
• Repair to filter frames & filter housings for both air conditioning plant & kitchen extract plant
• Modifications to existing ductwork systems
• Installation of access doors
• Deep cleaning of cooling water, hot water pre-heat & recirculation coils. All coils are deep cleaned & combed
• Servicing & repair of air handling unit motors
• Installation & repair work to drive belts, pulleys, safety guards and isolators
• Rebalancing of fan units, both centrifugal & axial
• Servicing & cleaning of fan coil units & fan conductors
• All types of fans installed, serviced and repaired
• Rebalancing of air conditioning systems & kitchen extract systems
• Removal of existing roll filters & installation of framework to accept panel pre-filter and/or bag filters