Furniture design

Who is a furniture designer?

Furniture Designer is a specialized industrial design professional responsible for furniture planning, testing and design. They often use wood, metal and other materials to design furniture such as chairs, tables, bed frames and sofas. These industrial artists can create sketches on paper or use specialized computer programs to plan their designs. Furniture designers typically make the products they create functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

What does a furniture designer do?

Furniture designers use drawings, 3D models and prototypes to test and improve a piece of furniture before final production. They can evaluate models based on the specific design goal of durability, ergonomics, practicality and beauty. For example, a small business can hire an interior design specialist and furniture designer to collaborate on a modern kitchen table and chairs that match appliances and cabinets. In comparison, a large corporation can hire a furniture designer to create one type of furniture in different styles for mass production. Although the responsibilities of a furniture designer vary depending on the project they are working on, their responsibilities often include:
• Reading and explaining design concepts
• Communicate with the employer about design goals
• Exterior and interior furniture design
• Discuss new designs with clients
• Test and improve existing designs using computer models and physical prototypes
• Develop a materials and construction budget
• Share the finished design with clients for approval
• Preparation of the production team for specialized construction of furniture for a specific part

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